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Thinkin about EVs on the Jitney – East 38th Street, NYC

December 31st, 2010 by Stu

I was sitting on the jitney this morning, waiting to depart Manhattan, and the engine abruptly cut power. Everyone on the bus stopped what they were doing for a moment and looked up to see what was going on. And then it happened…the little boy sitting behind me looked at his mother and said, “did it run out of batteries?” I found his question to be both insightful and significant. Insightful because it’s a glimpse into the perception young kids have regarding how things are powered in this world. Their toys, and virtually everything else they come into contact with, run on batteries…why not a bus? Significant because it’s an indication that today’s 6,7,8 year-olds are tomorrow’s EV proponents. These are the people who will usher in a new EV generation.

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