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All Snowed In: 2010 Edition – Sixth Avenue, NYC

December 27th, 2010 by Ian

As you can see, we caught the result of an iconic car chase scene, frozen in time. Only this time, there is a Yellow Hemi Charger (above) where the white Challenger used to be. The opponent…one of New York’s finest of course…a Crown Vic packing a police Interceptor (below). We’ll let you know how the high-speed chase ensues as soon as the city thaws out. It’s a damn shame…all that kick and no where to gallop. Seriously though, NYC got pounded with serious amounts of snow in the past 24 hours. The streets resemble a slip and slide for those non-taxis dumb enough to be driving today. Wind gusts were up to 68 mph, Central Park got 20 inches dropped on it, and white-outs are blowing around every corner. Even better, all the flights coming in and out of NYC have been grounded, leading to 1,000+ flight cancellations and more than a few pissed off holiday travelers.

Man on the Move would like to remind you that if you are going to drive this Holiday season…be sure to do so using snow tires.

Stay warm.

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