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Reflections of America Collection: Volume 5 – Our Capital

December 13th, 2010 by Stu

24” x 32” – Acrylic on canvas

Painted on canvas in Photorealism, this painting is the 5th in our friend Bob Petillo’s “Reflections of America” series. This time, Bob used his very own pony car as the subject. He has entitled this piece “Our Capital”. More from Bob below…

“One beautiful April evening in Washington, D.C., I proudly photographed my own Mustang on location to be able to paint this, our capitol, the most majestic of all American Iconic images. I guess I wanted to use my own Mustang because it’s a car that was created by Lee Iacocca when he was employed by the Ford Motor Co. in the early 60’s. In my mind, Ford has always been a symbol of American Industrial strength. Mass production started with the Henry Ford’s assembly lines; later used to produce the military hardware that got us through both wars. Iacocca also headed the construction team that gave the statue of Liberty a face lift in the late 1980’s’.

Anyway, I learned about the tight security at the Capitol when I walked into a restricted area and tried to photograph a few government vehicles also for the painting. I was politely told that I was on camera the whole time and not supposed to even be on Capital grounds in that area. After the 3rd run-in with the same security officer in different areas around the building, I learned that they’d be watching me during my whole stay in D.C.’ I waved at many cameras.

The photograph used for creating the painting was taken from the place where they told me to take it…and that’s that.”

Thanks Bob!

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