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Music on the Move Playlist Challenge #4 – And the winner is…

December 10th, 2010 by Stu

As the Music on the Move promotion rolls on into its fifth and final week, we have another lucky winner to announce. This week’s master playlist technician, who will soon take possession of a brand new Zeppelin Mini docking station, has exhibited a keen ability to pump himself up with just the right smattering of rock ballads. More specifically, this headbanging car-guy enjoys listening to “face melting muscle flexing, 45 lb plate slamming, brow furrowing metal” while behind the wheel.

Take a bow Aaron…you are this week’s winner. In addition to that rad Bowers & Wilkins sound system, you also get to have your entry publicly displayed for the Man on the Move community to see. Hey, they don’t call it social media for nothing my friend. See his winning entry below and after the jump.

The 5th and final playlist challenge begins today. Make you submission by Dec 17 for a chance to grab the last B&W Zeppelin Mini

Playlist Challenge #4: Eye of the Tiger – Music you get amped up to on the way to…the gym, a basketball game, boxing training session, etc

“I was very excited to read this latest iteration of your weekly contest. Why? Because I listen to music that gets me pumped up before I go to the gym? No, for I do not go to the gym. However, I do love metal, hardcore and punk rock. And I do love getting pumped up for nothing and my hots on for nowhere. *catch the sneaky zeppelin ref?*

That being said, I would love to share with you my top five inner strength inducing masterpieces of the day. I commuted with these on my way to work on the subway, which, by the way; in hindsight, may not be the most ideal situation to listen to face melting muscle flexing, 45 lb plate slamming*, brow furrowing metal. Regardless, and without further adieu, I present to you my pretend bully fighting top 5 of the day:

*I am unable to lift 45lb plates

**no disrespect to the kia owners out there.  Well, maybe a little disrespect.

(Videos above and below courtesy of the Institute for Macho Guy Stuff)

1.  pantera: walk, album: vulgar display of power
RE-SPECT, you talkin to me?

2.  black flag: rise above, album: damaged
Hank rollins and friends, although now no longer together, still can supply you with all the anti authoritarian paint peeling power that you can pump through the speakers of your matte black ’71 dodge challenger.

3.  master of puppets: metallica, album, master of puppets
Do I need to explain this one?  One of the best metal anthems ever hammered into vinyl.  The equivalent to a bored and stroked, naturally aspirated, fire breathing big block v-8 fueled by jack daniels.

4.  pulley: soberbeah: album pulley
Embarassing fact: I lived in moms basement at one point (yes, I was that guy) and she walked in on me straight up JAMMING OUT to this track.  In my underwear.  It could have been worse.  Im looking at you, judge reinhold, in fast times at ridgemont high.

5.  night of the living dead: the misfits, album: walk among us
This list couldn’t be complete without jerseys own metal meathead, glen danzig.  The pioneers of horror core, some misfits tracks just make you want to karate kick the snot out that guy in the kia in front of you**.

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