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Garage Queens: Lotus Elan+2 – West 26th Street, NYC

December 9th, 2010 by Ian

Lotus founder Colin Chapman really got his jollies off building cars that didn’t weigh a lot. More specifically, he embraced the forward-thinking notion that reduced weight, not added power, was the key to truly inspired performance. Case and point, the brand’s first commercial success, the fiber-glass bodied, bug-eyed Elan you see here. It weighs all of 1,500 pounds, the automotive equivalent to Kate Moss on an empty stomach. This particular example, spotted in a garage on West 26th street, is an Elan +2, a stretched wheelbase coupe variant introduced in ’67 that was designed to accommodate a 2+2 seating configuration. Think of it as the spiritual predecessor to the brand’s new Evora, which is essentially an Elise with 2 rear seats and a longer wheelbase. Lotus only made 5,000 of these Elan+2 models between ’67 and ’75 so we consider ourselves lucky to have stumbled onto to this brilliant blue example.


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