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Entries from December 31st, 2010

Thinkin about EVs on the Jitney – East 38th Street, NYC

December 31st, 2010 by Stu

I was sitting on the jitney this morning, waiting to depart Manhattan, and the engine abruptly cut power. Everyone on the bus stopped what they were doing for a moment and looked up to see what was going on. And then it happened…the little boy sitting behind me looked at his mother and said, “did it run out of batteries?” I found his question to be both insightful and significant. Insightful because it’s a glimpse into the perception young kids have regarding how things are powered in this world. Their toys, and virtually everything else they come into contact with, run on batteries…why not a bus? Significant because it’s an indication that today’s 6,7,8 year-olds are tomorrow’s EV proponents. These are the people who will usher in a new EV generation.

Chew on that

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Land Rover Series II: Town Mountain Road – Asheville (NC)

December 31st, 2010 by Stu

One of our loyal Man on the Move followers spotted this old Land Rover, looking tough as can be, on Town Mountain Road in Asheville. I have always wanted one of these early, pre-Defender Land Rovers. They’re bare bones in all the right ways…so elemental, so pure, so utterly functional. The logos scattered throughout the steel body indicate the driver owns or works for Game Plan Africa, an interesting little outfit out of Jasper that operates luxury Safaris in Africa. I’m not sure how you make a safari luxurious, but this is definitely the coolest company car I have seen in a while.

Happy New Year from Man on the Move

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Deep Thoughts: Looking Back on Vintage TVR Brochures

December 30th, 2010 by Stu

Remember when visiting car dealerships was a big deal? You would plan out all the dealer visits to occur within a weekend or two, bring along someone to play bad cop, and have a short list of vehicles you were intent on putting through their paces. Dealers were polite, well mannered and not afraid to haggle without the manager’s permission. At the end of the day, the brochures got thrown onto the kitchen table and you would recollect on how good, bad or indifferent you felt toward each of them. These days, the experience has become a whole lot more digital…e-brochures, virtual test drives, ipad apps, memory sticks in leu of paper brochures and more dedicated microsites than you can shake a stick at.

I’m not a digital curmudgeon or anything, but there is something utterly charming about these weathered, 40 year old pieces of paper. Sure, the product feature descriptions are way too long, the color correction is something my little cousin Olivia’s Fisher Price laptop could surpass and there is virtually no information on the brand or what it stands for. But that brings us back to why these things are so great…they focus on the purest elements of the product and nothing else.

My eyes lit up like pinball machines when dad dropped these old TVR brochures onto my lap the other day. He had just cleaned out the basement and found them tucked away in an old box. Turns out he had cross shopped a few of the nimble TVRs against the 240Z when shopping for one of his first cars back in the day. He ended up going for the Datsun, but these old brochures are fantastic. Like entering a time machine.

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Oldsmobile 98 Convertible – Forest Grove, OR

December 28th, 2010 by Emir

New York has been covered in a thick blanket of soft, soon-to-be slushy, white snow. The roads are a mess and your pant bottoms are definitely soaking wet. Sometimes it’s therapeutic to simply grab an eyeful of lush green grass and vintage Detroit bodywork. Deep breaths…in and out.

Feel Better?

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All Snowed In: 2010 Edition – Sixth Avenue, NYC

December 27th, 2010 by Ian

As you can see, we caught the result of an iconic car chase scene, frozen in time. Only this time, there is a Yellow Hemi Charger (above) where the white Challenger used to be. The opponent…one of New York’s finest of course…a Crown Vic packing a police Interceptor (below). We’ll let you know how the high-speed chase ensues as soon as the city thaws out. It’s a damn shame…all that kick and no where to gallop. Seriously though, NYC got pounded with serious amounts of snow in the past 24 hours. The streets resemble a slip and slide for those non-taxis dumb enough to be driving today. Wind gusts were up to 68 mph, Central Park got 20 inches dropped on it, and white-outs are blowing around every corner. Even better, all the flights coming in and out of NYC have been grounded, leading to 1,000+ flight cancellations and more than a few pissed off holiday travelers.

Man on the Move would like to remind you that if you are going to drive this Holiday season…be sure to do so using snow tires.

Stay warm.

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Reflections of America Collection: Volume 6 – Heartland

December 23rd, 2010 by Stu

Acrylic on Canvas 32″ x 24″

Our Xmas gift to you…this bad ass painting from our good pal Bob Petillo. The beautiful custom Hog really caught Bob’s eye and camera shutter one afternoon and you are looking at the result as a painting.The chrome glistens in the sun like ornaments on a Christmas tree, each reflection glimmering a little differently from the other. In case you have not been keeping up with ourReflections of America series, Bob is one part photorealist and one part gear head. The combination yields you stuff so good it’s hard to fathom how a human hand can mimick reality so closely with a paintbrush.

“In 3 hours, I photographed this bike over 150 times, I was at Old Town in Orlando racing the sun and hoping the owner of the bike wasn’t going anywhere.  Old town, Orlando, Fl captures the flavors styles and architecture of “Anytown, USA”  This bike and car show in 2004 gave me everything needed to create this painting,  What better title than “Heartland” for you to enjoy this holiday season.”

Happy Holidays from Man on the Move


Spotted: Nuova Fiat 500 – Madison Ave, NYC

December 23rd, 2010 by Stu

Anticipation is building for Fiat 500’s US launch. To that end, we spotted this shiny new 500, looking cute as a button, in front of the Tod’s flagship store on Madison Avenue. It turns out a fellow auto scribe was piloting the soon-to-be-released compact as part of a review he was writing for one of the mags. You can see him here, asking some Italian shoppers/tourists questions about what they think of the car. What better place to fish for insight on an Italian automotive icon than in front of an ultra luxurious, trendy Italian fashion house. Not to mention that the Italian market has been selling this modern 500 for a few years now.

Now…somebody grab me a cigarette and a double espresso. I am really in the mood at the moment.


Range Rover Classic – Soho, NYC

December 22nd, 2010 by Ian

Land Rover faced a bit of a problem back in ’96 when the brand launched its second generation Range Rover, P38A to the fanatics among us,  two years ahead of the first generation model’s market discontinuation. So you had two identically named vehicles, one old and one new, on sale at the same time. What did brand managers do to distinguish them? Throw a “Classic” designation onto the old one of course. We all know that classics are not formed overnight, but based on the imagery you see here, it seems the old Range Rover is finally living up to its name. The now classic luxury ute appears understated, rugged, utterly functional and downright charming alongside the more contemporary luxobarge so favored by the Hamptons crowd today.

Is it possible to think that a modern Range Rover will be this appealing 15-20 years from now? Weigh in after the jump…

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Nissan in 2011: New Product & Concepts – Skylight Studios, NYC

December 21st, 2010 by Ian

Nissan gave select New Yorkers an all access pass to some of their latest wares last week at Skylight Studios, a favorite NYC venue of the #3 Japanese automaker. Present were a couple of new-for-2011 models, like the Murano CrossCabriolet and 4th generation Quest minivan, and a concept car, dubbed Ellure (formerly unveiled in LA back in November), that hints at the future of Nissan’s sedan range.

We always enjoy taking in new products. This is especially true when free drinks and miniaturized grilled cheese sandwiches are involved. Futuristic concept cars aside though, the CrossCabriolet really had us talking. The all-new model, heavily based upon its 4-door Murano counterpart, represents the industry’s first drop top crossover. You might be thinking this is the answer to a question nobody was asking, but we think the AWD cabrio adds a sense of adventure and excitement to what has become a suburban grocery getter. It’s a true 4 seasons vehicle…ready for the snow and ice when Winter hits and mere moments away from the sunshine when frost turns to chirping birds and warm weather.

Innovation for all indeed!

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Music on the Move Challenge #5 – And the winner is…

December 16th, 2010 by Stu

They say all good things must come to an end. So, without further ado, we are pleased to announce the 5th and final play mix engineer to win a Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini in our Music on the Move promotion.

Congrats Ryan Mack, you’re playlist was a cut above the rest.

“Ok, so I’m going to pull a random selection of 90’s rock for two reasons – 1) It was an incredibly important change of pace from the synthesizers, big hair, and stupid lyrics that dominated the 80’s and 2) it reminds me of my high school years which included baseball practices and weekend blowies in the back of my car.  So here it goes, in no particular rank or order….”

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