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Music on the Move Playlist Challenge #1 – And the winner is…

November 12th, 2010 by Stu

It has been one whole week since we introduced our first playlist challenge for Music on the Move. You know, the super cool Man on the Move promotion where you can win a fabulous Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Mini simply for telling us about memorable musical experiences you have had behind the wheel. If you recall, this week’s challenge was to submit your all time top 5 playlist for when you’re in the best of moods. From the Netherlands to South Carolina, we got a bunch of fantastic entries and more than a few colorful stories that had us laughing out loud. It was a really tough call, and we thank everyone for their entries, but there was one playlist that stood out above the rest. And we are proud to say that entry came from a fellow New Yorker. So, take a bow John Kovalsky…you’re the winner! Your playlist was thoughtful, genuine and packed full of amazing musical tales about some great cars you have owned and the many amazing life experiences you have while driving them.

Follow in John’s awesome foot steps and enter to win the next Music on the Move playlist challenge…Straight Cruisin…Top 5 songs (artist/song/description) for a leisurely Sunday stroll down the boulevard, up the coast or through those windy mountain passes. Wherever you go driving to clear your mind and relax.

Check out John’s full playlist after the jump…

1. Bruce Springsteen “Frankie” – Tracks:  Whether it was driving around the coast of Southern California, the Strip in Jersey or the Gulf Coast this song is the bedrock soundtrack of a great day at the beach followed by linen shirts and sandals at night drinking ice cold beer on the sand.  I had an old Range Rover with a huge sunroof when I lived in Cali, with the windows down, a San Diego girlfriend who was in her late teens and I was finally making it on my own in life.  To this day I feel if I become a billionaire, marry a model and everything that goes with it life would never get any better.

2.  George Strait “Amarillo By Morning” – Strait from the Heart:  After leaving San Fran in an RS4, picking up Route 50 through Nevada, the Salt Flats and down to Santa Fe on a cross country drive to Virginia. My buddy and I left Santa Fe and listened to this song en route to “The Big Texan” and “The Cadillac Ranch” in Amarillo. We continued through to Nashville, Tail of the Dragon and Route 58 (beautiful road btw) to the coast.  All in the ride to Amarillo and the big Texas sky with George, being that free was one of the highlights.  I had just moved to NYC, knew no one and was pretty depressed.  My buddy had to move across the country and was dreading it.  I told him I would fly out and do the drive with him as long as we stayed off the main roads as much as possible.  Unforgettable trip even after haven driven across the country at least twenty times.  A good friend, a good car and no time line is about as perfect as life can get.

3.  The Beach Boys “Spirit of America” Spirit of America:  Would listen to it with my father to go surfing in an old Buick Electra
Station wagon with wood paneling.  As an adult do the same thing in my ’69 Porsche 912 and ’84 Toyota Landcruiser.  I love the idea of Craig Breedlove building it in his garage, that the engine was a  J47 from an old F86, and I love singing it in the worst falsetto voice I can muster.  On the way out to Speedweek for the first time I sang this for three hours, when I arrived I almost cried.

4.  Ron Dougan “Clubbed to Death” Furious Angels:  The first time I heard this song it was part of a montage for the US Navy Landing Signal Officer School video.  The entire eight minutes were clips of things going seriously wrong on the aircraft carrier (full disclosure I am a Naval Aviator).  Since I have yet to see “The Matrix” I had no idea that this is where the song became popular.  Nonetheless, at night in the rain at triple digits through the forest it just fits, as someone who has, driving like that is the closest thing to the dangers of landing at the boat.  If you come through that clean you can take on the world.

5.  Fleetwood Mac “Dreams” Rumors:  I lost my innocence to this song. I was 18 and she was a 29 year old stripper.  I had no idea what I was doing through any portion of the night including when she asked me to come home with her.  I left her place, got in my ’88 Grand Wagoneer with an epic story that made me the envy of my friends.  To this day when I leave a woman’s house and have to drive back (rarely now since I live in NYC) I put this (admittedly overplayed) song on and can’t stop smiling.  “Women, they will come and they will go…”

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