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Reflections of America Collection: Volume 3 – God Bless America

November 9th, 2010 by Stu

Another amazing exercise in photorealism from our talented friend Bob Petillo…

This 17” X 12.5” acrylic on canvas painting was #3 in the “Reflections of America” series. It was the fall of ‘04. And I knew by now not to go anywhere without my camera. So a simple walk from the car to the drug store in one of the many, many strip malls of Paramus, New Jersey, turned into a photo once I spotted this customized ’56 Mercury. It’s reflecting the grand opening of yet another one of thousands of small businesses along Rte 4. Now captured in paint, that small event can be shown with proper importance, not to be taken for granted. Another American exercising his/her right to free enterprise.

All I can say about that is “God Bless America”.

Giclee’ reproductions are available at

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