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Corrigan’s Service Station – Bridgehampton NY

October 25th, 2010 by Ian

Corrigan’s is a well known joint among Hamptonians with a penchant for fast automobiles. No matter the obscure make or model, they can bring it back to life without much issue. The shop is moments away from what used to be Bridgehampton Raceway, now a fancy shamncy country club, so you can imagine the iconic moments in racing history and famous racing affiliations ingrained into its provenance. But after a brief visit a couple of weeks back, it seems the shop’s actual appearance doesn’t quite live up to the grand reputation that precedes it. There are beaten up, eroding classics as far as the eye can see, many of which have become one with the earth, sprouting vines and other greenery through their grilles and up into their undercarriage. I guess the owner is too busy fixing cars people care about to tend to these forgotten classics. Maybe he can market a new kind of mulch once they are done rotting.


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