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Reflections of America Collection: Volume 2 – Tenement

October 18th, 2010 by Stu

Another amazing work from our friend Bob Petillo, this time using a beautiful BMW Z8 in SOHO as his subject. Painted in Photorealism, this 48″ x 32″ Acrylic on canvas painting sits in the private collection of Jacqueline Lefrak, New York City. Here’s a little more from Bob on the project…

About Photorealism: The man who gave us the name “Photorealism” is the New York City gallery owner and art agent Louis K. Meisel, who has published various books about Photorealism as a valid modern art genre. Photo-realism is a name given to the art of making a painting look like a picture taken with a camera. In other words, the sparkles on the cars I paint pictures of will show prisms and glares very much like those created by light through a camera lens.


About “Tenement“: A friend and I decided to spend a day visiting some Soho galleries of New York City.  Parking a few blocks away, the walk there revealed this amazing reflection in the hood of a BMW Z8. WOW!

I took a few pictures, then a few more, and even more stepping back further and further almost falling into an open sidewalk stairwell. Good thing I was with someone. Had she not yelled “Bob!” it might have been my last picture, last thought, last moment.  Instead it was a beginning. Having already painted “Red, White and Blue”, this image inspired a whole new series. While painting it, I thought about the scene. An economic upgrade to that part of New York City in this decade would see a BMW parked across the street from a renovated apartment building, now a high end, upscale condo. Hey, it’s walking distance from Soho, a major world cultural center, reflecting modern America. It’s a “Reflection of America” perhaps to be more appropriately rendered as reflections in American classic cars…but that’s a whole other story and painting.


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  • You are a truly amazing artist! I see firsthand how you work your magic on each painting and I still can’t believe the end result. Each and every painting is incredible!

  • After visiting your website your artistic ability just blows me away! Such attention to detail would require being very highly focused on the painting subject matter. Combine that vision with your given ability and you have perfection every time. Keep up the great work!

  • I’ve never seen any paintings with the level of detail that your paintings show. The level of effort is very impressive.