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Reflections of America Collection: Volume 1 – Red, White and Blue

October 8th, 2010 by Stu

Friend, artist and fellow automotive maniac Bob Petillo is a car spotter from another mother. His photo realistic paintings, yes that’s a painting you’re looking at, look shockingly identical to the real photographs to which they are based. Only upon close inspection does the look and texture of the canvas come into sight. Bob tells me the collection, which he calls “Reflections of America, is meant to create a window into a time period and “capture the heart and soul of this great country”. As I’m sure you will agree, his work is simply amazing.

“I was walking along at a local car show and there it was. The aesthetics of this 57 Chevy in the sunlight was enough to send me back to the car for my camera. I knew it was a painting but not the inspiration of a whole series until right before I did the second piece. It was painted with acrylics directly on the canvas after transferring a sketch. Many guys use an air brush to paint auto images, but I like good old fashioned paint brushes.  It’s 4,000 year old technology (animal hair on the end of a stick) but it still works.  The photorealistic painting style is supposed to make a painting look exactly like a photo until you get up close. At the bottom, I put in a surrealistic self portrait. All it needed was an American Flag!”

Look for more from Bob next week.


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