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Wanted: Trigger Happy Street Spotters with an eye for cool

September 21st, 2010 by Stu

Picture it…you’re half awake, walking the dog on some neighborhood side street one Saturday morning and, out of nowhere, appears a band of wild Ferrari drivers revving the bejesus out of their hand-built V12 engines. It’s an occurrence so amazing that you have to see it to believe it. Being an avid photographer and frequent admirer of fine automobiles, you immediately reach for your trusty SLR to properly document the sighting. Too bad all you have on you is one nervous Terrier, a few poop bags and an iPhone tucked into your pajamas. Don’t worry Macgyver, all you need to do is point, shoot and email us the file. We will proudly display it in the new Man on the Move user submitted section (don’t worry, we’re working on a cooler name) so that you can properly gab about it with all your family and friends.

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