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Fiat 500 – West 37th Street, NYC

August 19th, 2010 by Stu

Pictured here, a landmark in Italian engineering and distinguished member of the city car hall of fame. Measuring just under 10 feet and weighing in at a bantam 1,168 pounds, this 1970 Fiat 500 Lusso (Italian for luxury) is compact enough to slip into an elevator shaft and light enough to lift into parking spaces. Well, maybe not. But it’s absurdly small and only by standing next to one can you get a true sense of the pint sized dimensions. Hell, a modern day Mini Cooper, a full 2 feet longer, looks like an Escalade next to this thing. Believe it or not, this seemingly spartan Lusso represents a more sophisticated 500 complete with revised interior and exterior styling “designed to meet the demands of a clientele looking for a car that was more comprehensive, more customized and more ‘luxurious'”. We can’t wait to start spotting modern, or nuova, 500s once they hit our shores later this year. The retro Italian hatchbacks, which have been on sale in Europe since 2007, should be hip enough to give Mini a real run for their money.

Is anyone else suddenly in the mood for an espresso and a cigarette?


Images: Dave Pinter (used with permission)


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