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Mercedes SLR McLaren – East 55th Street, NYC

August 2nd, 2010 by Stu

However arresting, rumor has is that these Mercedes SLR McLarens (now out of production) were never terribly successful in the sales department. And that the flurry of special edition models (722, Roadster, 722 GT, 722 S, Stirling Moss) were merely an effort to spur consumer demand enough so that Mercedes could make good on their contractual production obligations with McLaren. Regardless, the car is a real stunner and appears right at home in front of the well-to-do St. Regis on East 55th. In an effort to steal share from the “entry level” Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world, Mercedes and McLaren have since decided to part ways in order to develop in house supercars of their own.

I found an ’06 with 815 miles on ebay for $120k in case you’re interested (they wanted nearly half a million for these when new).


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  • Will These Cars Continue To Depreciate? They Are Becoming A Bargain. I Wonder How Many Were Actually Made Over Their Entire Run? Will They Become Collectible, Or Simply Used Cars? What Is The Current Wisdom?

  • There is something odd about them. That’s how boys tend to draw cars: long hood, short tail and back, it’s all about the engine in the front (in fact in the middle). Still they’ve never been pretty enough. Last year I saw one parked next to a Ferrari F40 and one of those crazy MB Black series F1 pacing cars and it just didn’t feel right. Next to a F40 it felt almost like a Camry. I hardly bothered to look at it. The Black series, on the other hand, was a real stunner.

  • […] recall, it had Mercedes’ name on it too. Of course we’re talking about the now defunct Mercedes SLR McLaren, the long nosed coupe jointly developed by the two brands and sold for some 6 years (2003-2009). […]