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New Product: Smart Expressions Vehicle Personlization Program

July 9th, 2010 by Stu

While Smart certainly wasn’t the first automotive brand to usher in a sense vehicle personalization, it was definitely among the first to offer people the ability to customize their rides from the factory thanks to innovations like removable body panels. Ducati even took a page from their play book when they started offering similar packages for their bread and butter Monster line of bikes. Well, the German microcar manufacturer is at it again, this time offering fortwo shoppers/owners the ability to color match paint chips (eat your heart out Porsche) and or decorate Fortwos with a host of colorful vehicle wraps. They call the whole thing the Smart Expressions program and it starts at $1,550 for the custom paint and $1,350 for a wrap. Take your pick at the Smart USA website.

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