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BMW 2002 – Holt Ave, Los Angeles

June 8th, 2010 by Nick

Nothing wrong with a custom 2002. Blah blah blah stock this stock that blah blah. Sometimes you gotta just do what you want to make the car your own. This thing has been pushed and pulled to fit into the owner’s mold of his ideal car and he couldn’t be happier. No, I’m not making assumptions that the driver is, in fact, a he. He happened to come out of his house while I was visually molesting his car with my iPhone. Bobby doesn’t care about resale value or keeping a binder stocked full of original receipts and bills of sales, he claims that got thrown out at least five owners ago. He’s in this to “drive this thing into the ground.” He loves it and so do I. Keep on truckin’, Bobby.


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  • It looks great! Always good to see a car at least getting used the way it was intended. Looks almost like a race/rally-spec ’02 detuned for road use.

  • Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn’t mean the circus has left town.

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  • This is Crazy ! I’m surfing the google images looking at cool BMW’s as I’m customizing our car with the rare in US quad headlights , when up pops a photo of our car , a little more research & I find this. What a small world, I bought the car in July 2010 . I have changed the wheels to Early BMW alloys, added a front spoiler & a fiberglass rear bumper painted the dark blue.The evolution of a great 2002 continues. I’m so pleased to have bought a car that was featured on your web site.