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Triumph Owners Meet – RT 27: Southampton, NY

May 20th, 2010 by Stu

Digital shmigital. Witness the magic of good old 35mm film and the effect it can have on what started as a bunch of Southampton Triumph owners getting together to talk shop one beautiful Saturday morning. The B/W coloring and grainy texture have morphed this oceanside cars & coffee session into the seemingly iconic depiction you see above. The pseudo vintage photograph could easily pass for for an old Triumph advertisement. You can thank our good pal and frequent Man on the Move contributor Aaron Stern for the lovely trip down memory lane. His weapon of choice – a Leica M6 35MM camera.

Pictures (used with permission): Aaron Stern – A Medium Format Photography


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  • I love the feel of film. That’s why my Leica MP always travels with me. Yes, the digital can certainly be more convenient but I have not come across a digital sensor that can match the feel of expired Tri-X film or the amazing colors of Fuji’s incredible Velvia 50 slide film. Nice work and nice camera choice; M6 that is. What lens is this?

  • hi emir i use a 50mm 1.4 summilux its chrome and the m6 body i have is black. looks pretty.

  • That’s the Long Island Triumph Association in action…

  • That’s a nice combo. I like Summilux lenses. I tend to use MP w/ Summilux 35mm ASPH f/1.4 but I’d like to get upgrade the system with one of Summicron 50mm f/2.0 lenses.

  • i just got the lens and this is the first roll i developed with it. pretty happy with it so far!

  • Where are all the tr3’s and tr4’s and 4a’s.
    Seems like only 6’s…
    Nice pics though.

  • every car there was a TR6, i think it was a TR6 car club, some of the cars had stickers on the doors but i couldn’t make out the wording…

  • Hi Tom and AMF, not EVERY car was a TR6…lol. I was driving a Spitfire. If you look closely at the pictures you will see a row of Spits, the rear of a Stag and the nose of a TR4…there was even a TVR (it had enough Triumph parts in it….lol). The club was LITA – Long Island Triumph Association.

    Aaron – great shots, thanks so much for capturing the group.