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Fine Lines: Ford Country Squire | Bancroft wooden racquet

May 17th, 2010 by Ian

The warm air has already got me thinking about escaping the city. I often wonder what it must have been like to really escape, before smart phones got their hold on us. ┬áJust you and a bunch of friends piling into the station wagon and getting the hell outta dodge. I can’t pretend to be nostalgic when talking of the Country Squire, but I can be envious of the good old fashioned road trip; one I only know from movies. Right now I’m just really into station wagons, and I’ve also been craving a good game of tennis. It may seem like an odd pairing short of all the wood, but these two things just seem to jive.

The Ford Country Squire was built from 1951 to 1991. The first generation is what we refer to as the “woodie,” when real wood was used on the sides until the mid 50’s. This was later replaced by fiberglass and plastic applique, but the imitation-wood look remained. There is something about a wood paneled station wagon that just gives you a warm feeling. Kind of the like the wood paneled walls in your grandparents basement. The design of this car completely embodies the idea of American Suburbia…roomy, luxurious, yet practical and efficient.

Bancroft has been making tennis racquets in the USA for over a century. Like many masters of their craft, Bancroft’s early years consisted of making racquets for other brands. Bancroft was an industry leader, defining and illustrating many advances in wooden racquet technology and production. The company was endorsed by Bjorn Borg in the 70’s…making it the most stylish piece of wood you could get your hands on. And if you get your hands on one today, you’ll marvel at the beauty.

So hop in the Squire, throw your racquets in the trunk (on the bench seat) and hit the road…

The wooden side panels on the Country Squire were replaced by imitation-wood after a few years of production. Wooden racquets were eventually laminated. Both were the result of sustaining durability and enhanced performance. The real thing is always the real thing, but not always the best thing.

The idea of a wooden body seems to have some great outdoors effect on you. Just like gripping a wooden racquet, you immediately want to be out in the sun.

The station wagon will continue to advance and so will the tennis racquet. Yet we’ll keep going back to the original for inspiration.


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  • Interesting comparison. Back in the day,
    I played with a wood racket (Dunlap) and rode
    in one of these wooden clad squires.
    They were everywhere. Lots of good memories.
    A Hershey bar was a nickel…

  • I like reading that Bancroft has been making tennis racquets in the USA for a long time. Their branding and name are popular. I think nobody is surprised that they are an industry leader when it comes to wooden racquet technology. Getting caravan insurance quotes is easy.