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GMC Syclone – 2nd Street, Long Beach

May 12th, 2010 by Mike

Our buddy Jim Bauer took this photo, which sums up almost everything I lusted after in 1991. I kinda still want one. The idea of a fast pickup truck that’s not meant for carrying anything is laughable, but 0-60 in 4.6 is not. Point blank, this truck and its GMC Typhoon SUV counterpart were every bit as fast as many exotic vehicles of the time. Like the Buick Grand National GNX and Ford Model T, the Syclone was available in any color so long as it was black, which is the first indication that it’s awesome. And much like the GNX, the Syclone would occupy one of the many spaces in my fantasy joke-but-not-really-a-joke barn. This is of course after my definitely-not-a-joke barn is full of MB 500Es, CLK Black Series’, Aston Martin Lagondas, Lamborghini Espadas, Apteras, G-Wagens and Kleemann/MB turbodiesels. Hey a guy can dream right?

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  • I was riding shotgun in my buddy’s Mustang 5.0 in high school when we pulled up next to one of these at a stoplight. That thing blew our doors off without breaking a sweat. Sweet!