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Fine Lines: Porsche 959 | Rimowa classic luggage

April 22nd, 2010 by Ian

959 X Rimowa 1-Fine Lines

The Germans have a way with aluminum.  Sometimes it is engineered to cradle passengers at neck snapping speeds down the autobahn, and other times to carry passenger belongings through airport security check points at mind numbingly slow speeds. The Porsche 959 was produced from 1986-1989 and, at the time, was largely regarded to be the world’s most technologically advanced road-going sports car. No style or swagger was sacrificed in achieving such a title. For over 100 years Rimowa has been making discerning travelers look cool in airport terminals all over the world.  Their slogan, “Handwerk meets Hightech” (Handcraft Meets High tech), can just as easily be carved under the hood of  the 959.

Both products are the result of one mission statement: Expert craftsmanship, high quality materials, precision manufacturing and unwavering vision.  These timeless and innovative products have secured their positions in the world of iconic designs.

The Rimowa classic luggage is built from aviation grade structural aluminum.  The 959 body is an aluminum and Aramid composite for lightweight performance.  The 959 air vents and the Rimowa grooves share the same industrial tech look.

Simplicity in both the Rimowa padlock and the 959 dials, accented with just a touch of red.  Belts can hold your body to the seat, or just hold your shirts in place.

Every great idea begins with a pen and paper.

The 959 Group B Rally variant was the first version of this car.  It’s the perfect mix of sports car and off-road ruggedness.  A well-traveled Rimowa only gets better with some visible mileage and battle wounds. As Riwoma says, “Every Case Tells a Story”.

The 959 wheels were made of magnesium alloy for strength and lightness. Rimowa was one of the first companies to put wheels on their luggage, also built for stability and a smooth ride.  The 959 engine and Rimowa are both supported by aluminum beams.


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