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Mystery Ride – Boonton, NJ

April 14th, 2010 by Stu

This turquoise gem from yesteryear was snapped inside Fred Kanter’s massive car palace in Boonton, NJ. People have said that our last few mystery car posts were a bit too easy. So today we’ll try something more obscure on for size. And, to make things even more difficult, I am only showing you pieces of the car (rear shot after the jump). Let’s see what you got…weigh in below for your chance at a free, pre-shrunk Man on the Move T-Shirt.


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  • G’day. Im pretty sure its a kurtis muntz. I think they came into production in 1949 and were powered by a cadillac v8 but later types had a lincon flathead.

  • Nice call, muntz roadster.

  • Actually, this is a Muntz Jet (, but only because Muntz bought the rights from Kurtis.

  • Hi!
    It’s a Muntz Road Jet. A milestone car that was a sport luxury convertacoupe built from 1949 to 1953. The car was originally a kit car designed and built by Frank Kurtis of Indy race car fame. Muntz bought the rights to the kit car and stretched it making a back seat. It came with a Carson fitted top. The first twenty or so had Cadillac engines. Then they were switched to large Ford flatheads and finally Lincoln v-8. Years ahead of its time. One of the first American cars with padded dash and seat belts. Also came with two padded arm rest coolers for whatever beverage you desired.