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Citroen 2CV – 35th Ave S & Colfax, Minneapolis

April 12th, 2010 by Emir

Likely the subject of a recent resto, this handsome 2CV from the City of Lakes appears better than new. We spot our share of junkers and clunkers left to rot in driveways and scrapyards across the country, so it’s refreshing to run into well-maintained classics like this once and a while. The paint, body and trim pieces all look great and I really dig the aluminum fender skirts front and rear. Here’s to keeping this ugly duck alive for another 40 years.


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  • even when standing still, these cartoony little cars always evince a putt-putt-putt quaintness. the stark beauty captured here is special.

    very nicely shot.

    • Thanks.
      This deux chevaux was driven by a lady who lived in my old neighborhood. She indicated that it was really her husband’s summer city car and that she’d occasionally drive it around. They liked it a lot. I did too. It was old but in decent shape. Nothing fancy but a lot of cool.
      A few years ago I came across two 2CVs in Minneapolis that were both on sales for $300. Reportedly, one was running whereas the other one was part-car and was barely running. The owner was from Wisconsin and decided that it was too expensive to keep them going in the states and especially in the cold upper-Midwest so he wanted to unload them really cheap. I really wanted them but was going to grad school and could not figure out the way how to move with three cars to another state.
      In Oregon, however, it’s all a different story. You’ll find all sorts of interesting French cars around here ,)

  • these are rather gorgeous photos.