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BMW 550i Gran Turismo – East 51st Street, NYC

April 9th, 2010 by Stu

I love spotting new product – its akin to a rookie actor’s first appearance on a well known TV show. You are watching to see how good (or bad) they look on camera and what the dynamic is with other cast members. Do they add something to the show? Detract from it? It’s no different for new cars. BMW, in this case, is the well known, award winning show and 5-Series GT is the unknown player greeting customers in showrooms. I have seen pictures and renderings of the wagon/crossover mash up in various auto mags, that’s like Page 6 for car guys, and I must say it looks much larger in person. Chalk that up to the tall roofline and XL chassis shared with BMW’s flagship 7-Series. That might translate well inside with ample head and legroom but it makes for some awkward proportions outside. 5-Series GT’s intention also seems a bit confused next to other BMW models like X5 and X6. After all, how many 4-5 passenger crossovers can one manufacturer make? This particular example is fitted with the company’s 4.4-liter twin-turbo V-8, good for 400hp and 450 ft-lbs of torque. In a puzzling move, BMW released this nearly $64,000 rear wheel drive V8 ahead of the six-cylinder and AWD versions that are hitting dealerships as you read this. The only overly positive thing I can say at this point is that I would take one over a Mercedes R-Class – itself a confused station wagon.


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  • Awesome, I wish I could afford this car 🙁
    German cars are the best, the only manufacturer better than bmw is porsche.

  • I’ve spent a full day behind the wheel of the 550i GT and it drives much better than I expected. Still quite quick and surprisingly agile for its weight. However, a 750iL feels much faster and better balanced if you want a big BMW that can still deliver fun.

    The GT interior is ridiculous – incredible amount of space and very comfortable.

  • Owned a lot of bimmers. They are the best riding automobiles on the road.
    This GT looks amazing.

  • Would you take this over an R-Class AMG?

  • Dub:
    Who needs a 5,000 lb gas guzzler that must have excuses made for it?
    “Still quite quick and surprisingly agile for its weight.”
    What is the point. an “R” class, which is another answer to a question that no one asked. An “E” class AMG; now you are talking. how about an “S6”?? Maybe the koolest of all is the brand spanking new V-spec CTS wagon. WOW!! Quite a well done effort from the newly reconstituted Gov Motors. Well made, xceptional handling & competitive with any of the Uber-German rides at a WAY more reasonable price. BMW has & can do so much better than either this silly model or the equally silly X-6. less utility than the much lower priced X-3. Neither of these two models ahve “legs”. They will not be around 4-5 years hence. They will be a small blip in the BMW model history.

  • I’m trying to get out of the lease.