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Mercedes S400 Hybrid (Burberry Edition?) – 69th & Mad, NYC

April 5th, 2010 by Stu

This S400 Hybrid is decked out in plaid just in time for the Spring fashion season. We suspect the Burberry-esq livery is a wrap of some kind, not an actual custom paint job. Either way, it’s not doing any favors to the ordinarily handsome S-Class silhouette. We suspect the vehicle transformation was made for marketing purposes (Mercedes sponsors fashion week) and not out of sheer bad taste on the owner’s part. Either way, it’s butt ugly.

Thanks Jared!


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  • that plaid is actually a mercedes signature – used for interiors on race cars in the w196-ish period.

    i dont agree with the choice made here, but the background certainly makes it a little more acceptable.

  • With that said, perhaps a plaid tribute would have been better suited on the INTERIOR of the car.

    • I agree, the interior finish would be more suitable.It would look a bit odd to see the S class with plaid interior. After all we associate it with leather and other luxuries. Perhaps a sportier model could use some of that simple tradition.
      VW Golf GTI used similar pattern and finish in its early variants in the 70s and the 80s. It was a signature interior of sorts. Over the years GTIs got bigger, stronger, bloated and uglier and leather finally took over and GTIs slowly it lost its identity. Yet it seems that with the later GTI generations they are going back to their roots. Simple, elegant, fast, light and with plaid interior too:)

  • that’s awful. makes the 90’s eddie bauer edition explorer look like a work of art. this is obviously a wrap and not a paint job, still a shame.

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  • The one you saw was positively sedate compared to the one I saw in Times Square/Hell’s Kitchen a couple of times on Tuesday, but it was also an S400 Hybrid, so I wonder if maybe Mercedes was wrapping all its courtesy cars for fashion week, to make them very easy to spot, possibly with some co-branding money from Burberry (?). Here’s the one I saw: Burberry Mercedes Hybrid

  • I agree – butt ugly! If it was a marketing ploy for fashion week it failed miserably. It does a disservice to both Burberry and Mercedes.