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NY Auto Show: Nissan Juke – 1 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

March 30th, 2010 by Stu

Nissan pulled the wraps off their all-new Juke in Manhattan tonight. The Rockefeller Plaza cameo coincides with Juke’s North American debut [world debut was in Geneva] scheduled to take place later this week at our very own New York International Auto Show. Love it or hate it, you have to give the mean little crossover points for being bold in its design and throwing some level of styling risk into the mix. Not just another homogeneous soft roader, Juke’s flared fenders jut out like angry nostrils and the integrated rear door handles make the 4-door’s profile almost coupe-like in appearance. Throw in a turbo four good for about 180hp and an AWD system that can shift torque from wheel to wheel and you’re in for big smiles around the twisties. Look for Juke at the Nissan display April 2-11 – it hits dealerships this Fall for about $20k.

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  • Think the Juke is definitely going to be a big hit, customers are getting very excited and know they are getting a lot of car for their money. One thing is for certain the Juke will turn heads,