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Fine Lines: BMW 507 | Rolex Submariner 55XX

March 22nd, 2010 by Ian

We live in a world where design is constantly being borrowed and then reinterpreted. And it seems there are no limits to how or where we can draw our inspiration from, as many of the freshest ideas are found in seemingly unrelated areas ranging from fashion and architecture to desk lamps and cell phones. It just takes some good old fashioned observation and imagination to bring it all together. Did BMW consider the Rolex Submariner 55XX, a classic watch that debuted in 1953, when designing their now iconic 507 sports car? Probably not…but we certainly would have.

Chunky metal makes for an industrial look on the 507 and the Submariner

Built for speed and precision, the black steel enamel bezel of the Rolex shines like the black lacquered style paint of the 507.

A perfect example of not over designing the product – nothing is there that doesn’t need to be.

The simple Submariner dial shares details with that of the 507 – a black face with white numbers and sticks.

The lines are fluid and smooth, but the components are substantial and strong – you know when you have this watch on your wrist, the same way the sporty yet muscular stance of the 507 has heavy street presence.


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  • This is an incredible demonstration of design influence and inspiration. I really love this work. I have a much greater appreciation for design because of this. I also feel that I’ve learned something through this piece along the way.

    Please keep doing these. They’re great!

  • This is an awesome comparison. Design elements are at work throughout our everyday existence
    on a sometimes obvious, and other times ,very subliminal level. I dig this kind of observation so do
    continue to enlighten me. Very cool!!

  • what an amazing comparison. two truly iconic brands and products…beautiful pics…i love how lifestyle is being ushered into this website…perfect fit!

    well done and keep up the good work!

  • Love the comparison. Submariner style/color is a classic.

    Keep up the good work.

  • awesome comparo ian – keep these coming please. I want to see something with a xenon headlamp and maybe a diamond or something?