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Chevy Chevelle SS – State St, Santa Barbara

March 12th, 2010 by Nick

So Sick. Super Sexy. Sensationally Stylish. Simply Smashing. Sensually Seductive. Sinfully Smooth. Assign what words you will, the SS is worn like a badge of honor on all worthy bowties, and worn with pride. This drop-top Chevelle was sitting pretty in a bank parking lot when I ran across the street to capture its powerful, nonchalant stance. Like the silent man with a double black-belt, leaning calmly against the bar — he doesn’t need to talk about the fact that he can kill you twelve different ways with his hands — but he can. Of course, when your muscle car comes with its own guard dog, who cares what color the belt is.


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  • Not sure how I feel about this ’72. First off – its not a true SS. Monte Carlo dash doesn’t fit along with the malibu trim on the grill and wheel opening moldings.

    But – I’m just nit picking and would have some fun with this ol’ chevy if I had my name on the title.

  • This dog knows how to be cool.
    Also how to stay low in the seat when the light turns green.
    Hang on fido!

  • yeah, not a true SS – but I would def lay down tracks in it all day long – I’ll take the dog too…