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Ford GT 720 Mirage – Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington

March 8th, 2010 by Stu

We really appreciate the pictures you send in after encountering cool rides from all over the globe. We really really appreciate it when those unique sightings include hyper exotic sports cars rocking bright orange paint and a 720 HP supercharged V8. Say hello to the Avro 720 Mirage, a special edition Ford GT from Brooklands-based tuning firm Avro Motorcars. The mad scientists from Avro worked with well the known American muscle manufacturers at Roush to engineer this beast. In addition to the orange metallic paint, matte-black details and laundry list of extreme performance upgrades, Avro added a whopping 170 HP (550 + 170 = 720!) and 127 lb-ft of torque (627 in all) to the already competent Ford V8. The net net is a 220 MPH top speed and enough forward thrust to recede your hair line a few years early. The best part – the production run is limited to just 10 cars. That’s right folks – sightings don’t get a whole lot rarer than this. Click here for a video I found on youtube of this actual car!

Great find Paul!


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