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GMC Value Van – East 81st Street, NYC

March 5th, 2010 by Ian

I was charmed by this old “walk in” delivery van parked alongside an Upper East Side fire hydrant. Perhaps my favorite little detail is the windshield wiper mechanism. It looks like the bell that rang when it was time to change periods in high school. As I approached the old van and started taking pictures, a scruffy, tough looking older gentleman aggressively communicated “no pictures”. Eventually I convinced him to let me snap the van but not him. Maybe he is wanted or something. All I know is never to mess with anyone who owns and operates a blade sharpening business out of a van.


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  • We had something very similar in my town growing up(the grinding shop I think) and it would fool all the kids. The truck would come down the street, bell ringing and kids would run out into the street for the Ice Cream Man. Only to be saddened that it was the blade sharpener. My friend once yelled out the window “I got Knives!!”. The Grinding shop then sat outside the window bell ringing. They all sat down to dinner and the Mom was wondering why the truck was just chilling, “knife song” ringing away all through the meal.

    • KID – “i’ll have an ice cream cone mr ice cream man”

      CRAZY BLADE SHARPENER GUY – “sorry kid – all we got is knives and saws”

      What ensues from here is a pissed off little kid chasing people with sharp objects at people because he didnt get his ice cream. see what can happen when you drive around in an ice cream truck with no ice cream.

      think about it

  • …love the artwork.

  • Well played Alfonso – and so true – Eddie Murphy does a bit about the ice cream man – it is too funny. see below

  • Well, he is parked next to a hydrant and in a crosswalk at the same time, so perhaps he has good reason to object to pictures.

  • i wouldn’t go within 10 feet of that thing – sharp objects and an angry old man are a recipe for very bad things…