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Diesel Mercedes Duo – Palms Blvd, Venice CA

February 9th, 2010 by Mike

These diesel luxo tanks (W126 300SD and W123 300D) may appear unremarkable at first blush but subtle charm is actually their most endearing quality. The perfect balance of utilitarianism and refinement, these range toppers feel solid, secure and planted to the road. Power and agility, not so much. But so what – I’d drive my (future) family across the states in one and feel equally as comfortable pulling up to the valet at Avalon Beverly Hills as I would cruising down a bumpy dirt road with a full load at speed. Sure, a Civic could smoke you, but as he blows by, take a gander at the indestructible MB-Tex upholstery, beautifully designed center console, and 500k odometer reading. You’ll soon realize you’ve already won.


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  • Good shots, mike.

  • i wonder if it’s the same owner for both? if so, he/she will not need to purchase another car for quite some time based on the shelf life of a diesel engine. great pics – Thanks!

  • Something about these old diesels that you just can’t replicate today. I know they are 100 times cleaner and more advanced, but the modern benz diesels just dont feel as substantial to drive. call me old fashioned i guess..

  • cool shots. and yeah they will last forever but you could wake the neighbors at idle they are so loud.