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Life-Sized Tonka Truck – Arizona/California Border, I-10 North

February 4th, 2010 by Stu

Our loyal reader Jim holds a special place in his heart for this macho machine. When he was growing up, the Grader Tonka toy was always his favorite Tonka toy of the bunch. A car guy in the making, Jim favored the Grader because its reason for being was to make roads flat and smooth. Anyone who loves driving has to appreciate that glass-smooth curves don’t appear out of thin air – they come from awesome machines like this. The brand of this older example, spotted on an off-ramp between AZ and CA, was unclear but Jim did catch an eyeful of Detroit Diesel under the yellow sheet metal – so you know it has logged its fair share of work hours. The wood handled blade and extra chunky treads mean business.

Thanks for the memories Jim


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  • I had all these toys when I was a kid. great sighting! this thing is so rad! Would have been cool so see it in action.

  • I always liked the Tonka toy dump truck best but this grader is pretty awesome in its own right. nice find.

  • Fun! I always loved my tonkas as a kid and have even carried a secret desire into my adulthood to drive one of these bad boys. I’ve heard there is a life sized sandbox, where you can’t rent these big machines by the hour and just play. Anyone heard of it?