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Volvo P1800 – Pearl District, Portland

February 3rd, 2010 by Stu

Our man on the street in Portland spotted this beautiful Volvo P1800 parked in front of a loading dock in the Pearl District. The classic lines and taught profile look good enough to be displayed in one of the many high end galleries strewn about the neighborhood. For those of you too young to remember, Roger Moore drove a white one of these in the popular 1960s TV series The Saint (Val Kilmer drove a C70 in the 1997 movie). We also like the P1800ES that came out in ‘72 because of the all glass rear tailgate – it was one of the major inspirations when stylists penned the current Volvo C30.  I can’t decide which I would rather own, this or a Karmann Ghia.

Thanks for the great photos Emir


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  • This Car Is In Primo Condition. A Real Beauty! The P1800 & ES Version Are Surely One Of The Least Appreciated Of All The Classic Cars. I Wonder Why. They Look Terrific, Drive Beautifully & Handle Well. Good Opportunity To Get Into One Reasonably Now.

  • I’m debating one of these as my next project- only bad thing I can say about this one is that those shoe-box sized side markers need to beat a hasty retreat. Totally distracting.

  • my first car was a P1800 and ive owned several over the years.those wack side markers were US only and 68 and later only…the early cars are my favorite..i was always under the impression that since FRUA designed/built the cars that an italian had designed it.NOT!!Volvo finally confessed last year it was Pelle Pettersson,son of an Volvo Engineer that worked at FRUA!!

  • If you have the money+space I’d stuff away five or ten. The last 1800e models are __way__ better cars BTW. I had an earlier model once and wouldn’t drive it regularly. The 1800e (pictured) has nice features like four-wheel discs. The 1964 model, in contrast, had four-wheel drum brakes. Eek. I’ve had both.

    The side-markers are pretty okay I think. Some people don’t like them. Maybe try a 1967 model? You can mold them in.

    Oh the 1800e in the picture is no doubt fuel-injected BTW. I wouldn’t touch a pre-1965 Volvo p1800.

  • the sidemarkers don’t bother me nearly as much as the generic aftermarket wheels…

  • Beautiful car. Beautiful fotos. Thank you!