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Garage Queens – Tesla Roadster Sport: W25th Street, NYC

January 19th, 2010 by Stu

I am convinced that automakers hold quarterly brainstorm sessions where product planning and bean counting executives get loopy on highballs and spout off crazy premiums to tack onto today’s special edition models. Take this Tesla Roadster Sport for example – it has a bit more grunt courtesy of a hand wound stator, an adjustable suspension set up for more hard core handling, some unique badging to rise above plebian non sport models and a slick set of black forged alloy wheels wrapped in more aggressive rubber. Certainly the content sounds meaningful, but is improved handling and a 0.2 second improvement from 0 to 60 mph (3.7 seconds in the Sport) worth $19,500 more than the base Roadster? The answer is no. Tesla made it really easy to figure this out because the suspension ($4,000), wheels ($2,300) and tires ($850) are all a la carte options you can add to the base Roadster for $7,150. Considering the modest torque boost from the hand wound stator, you must ask yourself what the other $12,350 is going toward. Tesla’s bottom line, that’s what.


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  • Saw a red one of these at Starbucks off of Kruse Way (217) in Lake Oswego, OR the other day. The guy who got out of it was at least as tall as me (6’2″) so that was reassuring to see. Shoulda stopped him & talked to him about it. Funny though, how someone who can afford one of these certainly could afford gasoline for a luxury fuel-sucking vehicle…oh well. The red is really nice though, a bit darker than say, Lambo or Ferrari red and very metallic looking in its reflection.
    Next time he comes around, I’ll snap a shot and post it…somewhere. There’re a lot of high-end, rare cars whos’ owners frequent this Starbucks due to its locale.

  • an impressive height for such a small car – good thing it’s a roadster – i have driven the lotus exige a few times and there is no way someone over 6 feet is fitting in there with a fixed roof – not comfortably at least – send us any cool cars you spot in the future…