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MG MGB Roadster – West 11th Street, NYC

January 14th, 2010 by Ian

MG-West 11th 1According to the all-knowing web god known as Wikipedia, MG made 523,836 of these little MGBs. Just as a point of reference, combined 2009 sales for Mazda, Volvo, Mini, Buick and Acura amounted to about that much (522,456). Long story short, these classic sports cars ain’t all that rare. Despite their abundance, Mark III models like this one are still pretty desirable (sans rubber bumpers of course). And shockingly safe thanks to MG’s early use of controlled crumple zones. Don’t believe me? click here.

MG-West 11th 2MG-West 11th 3MG-West 11th 4MG-West 11th 5MG-West 11th 6


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  • Ahh, these MGB’s. Back in the day, they were the mainstay of foreign sport cars.
    They were all over the place… and affordable… and reliable…and fun.
    This one has the updated mag type wheel but they looked great with spoke wheels.

    It’s nice to see this one has the chrome bumpers and not the horrid rubber they went to
    toward the end of their run. Nice find.

  • Ah, a British Racing Green MG….we were the proud owners of one. Top down, sun in your face, hum of the engine nothing was better! Great memories of a great classic car, only to be surpassed by the MG-TD!
    Had it until the family started, memories of a car seat next to the driver seat!

  • That’s a nice ride to bang around the city in. Good luck on anything longer than a few miles though.