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Donovan Motorcar Service – Lenox, Mass

January 13th, 2010 by Stu

My old man’s quest for the vintage Jaguar of his dreams continues. This time around we paid a visit to Brian Donovan of Lenox, Mass-based Donovan Motorcar Service to check out a 1957 Jaguar XK140 MC that was for sale. A rather unassuming guy, Brian greeted us sporting a work shirt and plenty of grease under his fingernails. But lurking beneath the reserved exterior is a former defense industry engineer and one of the nation’s leading Jaguar restoration experts. The unique skill set makes him an extremely dangerous individual when armed with a wrench and a budget. So outside of the traditional restorations and repairs you will find in the shop at Donovan, Brian also fields 2 E-Type race cars in various vintage leagues. He enjoys squeezing as much gut-wrenching modern performance as is humanly possible out of Jaguars [and Austins and Corvettes and Shelby Cobras] that haven’t been called new in more than 40 years. We didn’t end up going for the XK140, which is currently trying its luck in Scottsdale, but we’re damn glad to have met Brian. Stand by for a proper profile the next time we are in town.

Thanks Brian!


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