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Toyota Land Cruiser – Washington Street, NYC

January 10th, 2010 by Ian

Land Cruiser1

This 60-series Land Cruiser may not be the plush people mover we see in Toyota showrooms today but it’s certainly a revolutionary leap away from the smaller, more simplistic rock jocks that preceded it. With that said, it’s interesting to note that we have come full circle with our utility vehicles – high windowed, truck-based road mammoths like this are out and sleek, car-based soft roaders are in. What will utility look like next?

Land Cruiser2Land Cruiser3Land Cruiser4


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  • What a perfect vehicle for the city! Its a shame they don’t make em like they used to. Now its nothing but bulbous plastic interiors and independent suspension which might be better for the road, but not for heading off the beaten path where this thing belongs.

  • The problem is all you see are these young
    suburban moms tooling around in these…
    Escalades and Infinities and Benz’s with
    nothing to do but drop off the kids and
    go play Majong.
    It’s a market of cushy decadence.

    This Toy LC is a proverbial T-rex, but a
    beaut just the same.

  • I dig this ride. Just rugged enough, but still a work horse.

  • Good Post – The Land Cruiser is Great for Camping and pulling a Boat – one of my Fav’s.