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Mini Cooper – 10 Freeway, Culver City

December 8th, 2009 by Mike

Culver City Cooper

It’s funny how Minis can make everyday vehicles around them look a bit silly. Even though it appears the car is standing still, we were actually traveling next to it at 75 mph. This super clean pre-BMW Mini is modified just enough to affirm you’re seeing something special – but your attention isn’t drawn to any one mod. The slightly raked stance, fender flares, MiniLite-style wheels, classy pin striping, crisp interior with contrast piping and wailing dual center-exit exhaust are all working together quite well. We can’t be certain on the year because the original Mini, essentially GB’s Beetle, was made in this basic body style all the way up until 2000 (MK1 – MK3). But the modern interior alludes to a 90s vehicle. Feel free to weigh in below.



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  • This is the way Mini’s should look…mini.
    This is a beeeauuuuuty. Great catch.

  • I was a t a car meet this past weekend and saw a very similar old-school Mini – same shade of blue but with white hood stripes and roof. It was parked next to a modern Mini and the difference in scale was striking. I’ve been a fan of the original mini for 25 years, but hadn’t seen an old and new one parked side-by-side before.

  • what’s the saying… “goods thing come in small packages..?”

  • I may be a little bias when it comes to cars (due to may age and my loyalty to big muscle cars) but I just do not get the passion behind Minis. Yes.. Minis stands out.. and Yes.. Minis have very classic looks, but overall they seem very impractical and VERY uncomfortable to drive in. No offense to Mini lovers.. just my opinion.