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Ferrari 250 GTO (replica?) – 101 Freeway, Hollywood

December 1st, 2009 by Mike


Considering that Ferrari only made thirty-nine 250 GTO cars, the odds are that this one I spotted on the freeway is a replica. The long-haired, mustached, t-shirt-wearing guy behind the wheel was no indication either. In LA, that description fits millionaires and homeless people alike. Living here will dull your automotive senses to the point where F430s and Drophead coupes may as well be Honda Civics, but this car’s presence on the road was commanding. My girlfriend in the passenger seat just happened to have her Nikon in her lap as we passed by, and here we are.



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  • I don’t suppose my 1995 Ford Contour would attract my attention running along side the 250 GTO . I say along side quickly, because it wouldn’t be there for any length of time. However, it does have 221,000 miles on it.

  • Dave 221,000 miles is pretty impressive….that’s a stat this 250 GTO doesn’t have on you..
    And the Contour was based off the European Ford Mondeo…there’s some European blood..

  • i know you said ‘odds are its a replica’ but you also said ‘replica?’ and the thing is the odds are 0% chance that this is a real GTO.

    • You never know, California has the majority of wild stuff like this. I’ve seen a one off prototype of cars, driving on the streets. Doesn’t get much rarer that 1 of 1

    • hey rob! always a pleasure when you come see us – i think we are both in agreement that the GTO is not real – we’re on the same side buddy! have a good weekend…

  • Its a fake, built on a Nissan 280Z. The knock off Borrani wire wheels w Yellow caps are the give away.

  • The real give away are the two vents behind the front wheel. Rael Ferraris had 3 vents and a longer nose section. There are several companies making GTO replicas based on Datsun Z-cars. This is one of them.