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Under the hood: Pierre Kanter

November 16th, 2009 by Stu

Pictured – Pierre Kanter, General Motors PR man, in his 1961 Lincoln Continental.

1961 Lincoln Continental

I know what you’re thinking – why is a General Motors PR guy cruising around downtown Manhattan in a Lincoln? They can lock you up for that sort of thing in Detroit. Pierre Kanter is no traitor though. In fact, the French-born car guy and 15 year GM marketer called up VP of Global Design Ed Welburn for his blessing before making the purchase two years ago. “It was between the ’61 Lincoln and a ‘59 Caddy Coupe de Ville. Welburn loved the Caddy but told me I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to own a Continental.”

1961 Lincoln Continental

Kanter says the black on tan survivor is all original except for the paint. Mesmerized street goers young and old gave the thumbs up as we glided by in the 20 foot land yacht that gets an astonishing 8 MPG whether you are doing 50 or 5 MPH. Hell, the interior is big enough to take the whole neighborhood for a ride. Seriously, it’s cavernous and comfortably seats six people. “Are you looking at me or the car” said the cool European as one pretty admirer walked by. “It’s a mythical car that brings out people’s love for American vehicles” he continued.  And unlike most classics, this one lives on the streets of Chelsea and gets driven with the top down all four seasons.

1961 Lincoln Continental

“I have three loves – cars, wine and women”, said Kanter, who started his auto industry career delivering press vehicles to some of the most notable automotive journalists in the business.

Be sure to give Pierre the thumbs up if you see his Lincoln cruising by.

1961 Lincoln Continental

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