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Platinum Motorsports – Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles

November 9th, 2009 by Stu

Platinum Motorsports Challenger

Our buddy Matt spotted a couple of custom creations at Platinum Motorsport on Melrose. The high end tuner shop did a great job with this Hemi Orange Challenger SRT-8. We like the less-is-more aesthetic they achieved by removing or darkening the badges. And the black wheels, tints and fuel cap door lend a menacing effect to the already imposing muscle car stance.  Not like this baby needs it but we’re curious what’s going on under the hood. Check out the tricked out Mercedes CLS after the jump.

Platinum Motorsports Mercedes CLSPlatinum Motorsports CLS


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  • Best place to take a low rider like this for a spin – Compton, CA. Everybody would respect you from their stoop as you rolled thru.

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  • These guys are amazing. I went in to get major work on my car after someone vandalized it. It looked awful. They told me it would take some time as so much needed to be done to get it right, which I could understand. Two wks later the car looked like new. I mean it looked even better than before anything happened to it, which was like a new car. I had them repair a big scratch on my new 6 series & the work was so good I always thought about writing about it. Now that they have proven themselves again I had to. They are very professional, knowledgeable & delivered everything they said they will do & more. Sometimes u pay for what you get & you even get more! Ricco Ross, LA