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Entries from November 29th, 2009

Alfa Romeo Spider 1.8L Twin Spark – Mercer Street, NYC

November 29th, 2009 by Ian


As if legal immunity and ridiculous parking privileges weren’t enough, you can now add grey market importation to the list of cool shit Diplomats get away with in New York City.  We’re not sure if this sexy 916-series Spider lives at the Italian consulate or not but it sure does look purty basking in the Mercer Street sunshine. The sighting also makes us that much more excited for the brand’s long-awaited U.S. comeback tour. 

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H-D Sportster Iron 883 – Elizabeth Street, NYC

November 25th, 2009 by Ian

Harley Nightster1

Harley’s entry level Sportster has never been cooler thanks to special edition models like this Iron 883 ($7,999) and its 1200 CC Nightster ($9,999) counterpart. From the 13 spoke cast aluminum wheels and black denim paint to the chopped rear fender and front fork gaiters, it’s amazing how seemingly minor changes to color and trim can dramatically transform the character of a motorcycle. Not to say that we don’t like the base Sportster (883 Low) but its got nothing on this blacked out beauty.

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VW Bug – Sherbourne Blvd., LA

November 24th, 2009 by Nick


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bug that hasn’t been customized in some form or another. This one looks as if it just drove off the set of M*A*S*H, serial number and all. It’s customizations are a bit wacky, but done with a quiet elegance. Just enough to let you know somebody in there cares, but understated to the point of making you guess if this thing is, in fact, stock. I wonder if the luggage rack doubles as a machine gun mount?

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Lamborghini Murcielago – East 59th Street, NYC

November 23rd, 2009 by Stu

Lamborghini Murcielago Monday morning signals a return to the daily grind. For some people, that means climbing aboard the city-bound train from the suburbs. Others ride the bus or subway. But this commuter prefers the smell of hand stitched hides and the scream of a 571 HP V12 on his way into the office. Can you blame him?

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Mercedes 220D – Holt Avenue, Los Angeles

November 19th, 2009 by Nick

Mercedes 220D

A little wink to those who get it – a beacon in a never-ending sea of mediocrity.  The nondescript cars on either side of this diesel Merc act as the foil to its diamond-in-the-rough nonchalance. This car isn’t screaming to be seen. It’s not striking a pose on Melrose. It’s tucked away on a quiet street allowing the Gods to shine down their praise and hear it whisper, “yo, seriously… I’m rad. Keep driving.”

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Mystery Ride Revealed – Sherbourne Avenue, LA

November 18th, 2009 by Nick

mystery ride

It would have been great to bring you the exact make and model but this mystery ride is locked up tight and I don’t need a pissed off owner chasing me down the street with a 12 guage. I did manage to find a piece of the car cover that wasn’t being held down with a brick though – it revealed what appears to be a brand name or race team logo tattooed onto the side sill. Anyone recognize it? Either way, the plexiglass and abundance of scuffs reek of a kit that has seen its share of track time. Thanks to all those who weighed in.


Under the hood: Pierre Kanter

November 16th, 2009 by Stu

Pictured – Pierre Kanter, General Motors PR man, in his 1961 Lincoln Continental.

1961 Lincoln Continental

I know what you’re thinking – why is a General Motors PR guy cruising around downtown Manhattan in a Lincoln? They can lock you up for that sort of thing in Detroit. Pierre Kanter is no traitor though. In fact, the French-born car guy and 15 year GM marketer called up VP of Global Design Ed Welburn for his blessing before making the purchase two years ago. “It was between the ’61 Lincoln and a ‘59 Caddy Coupe de Ville. Welburn loved the Caddy but told me I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to own a Continental.”

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1956 Ford F-100 Pickup – N 14th Street, Brooklyn

November 13th, 2009 by Stu

1956 Ford F-100

Our pal Dave captured this handsome devil in Williamsburg. As far as vintage pick ups go, they don’t get a whole lot cooler than this. The rounded hood and wrap around windshield made this baby an instant classic. Click through for more pictures.

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Chevy Biscayne – Rt. 27 – Montauk, NY

November 12th, 2009 by Ian

Biscayne 1

Chevy positioned Biscayne as the brand’s no frills large sedan when it went on sale in ’58. Those who craved an abundance of chrome and other niceties needed to go the Bel Air, Impala and Delray route. But this handsome example we spotted in Montauk is equipped with a one-of-a-kind feature that its more upscale platform mates did not have – a pass through in the rear bench for surf boards. Somehow we doubt this was a factory option though (the duck tape and manually cut hole gave it away). The Japanese straw hats are also a nice touch.

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2010 Porsche Panamera 4S – Huntington, NY

November 11th, 2009 by Stu


Justifying the need for a Porsche got a lot easier when Panamera hit dealerships last month. Thanks to the unconventional hatchback design, additional seating capacity and split-folding rear seats, the uber sedan from Stuttgart offers the best of both worlds – Carrera-like athleticism cloaked in a more practical package. All those angry Porsche enthusiasts who shouted blasphemy when Cayenne debuted in 2002 can sleep better at night knowing that a proper 4 door sports car has finally joined the line-up. The family truckster has never been this bad ass.

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