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2010 VW GTI MkVI – Hudson Street, NYC

October 27th, 2009 by Stu


VW used hot women and and a race-inspired video game application to launch the sixth generation GTI in Manhattan last week. And they claim to be the first manufacturer to rely entirely on the App Store to introduce a new car to the public. Classic Car Club on Hudson street was decked out with LCDs running a customized version of Firemint’s motion-activated Real Racing Game. Party goers could sample the new game while sipping on cocktails and listening to guest DJ ?uestlove from the Roots.

The app, called Real Racing GTI, is free to download and lets you choose from six different 2010 GTIs to race. VW focused on the highly targeted iPhone app to reach “constantly connected consumers…in ways a TV spot never could”. Despite GTI’s niche appeal, the laser-focused marketing move is pretty bold and speaks to the continued exodus from mainstream media channels like newspaper, print and TV.

Talk about connectivity, players are also able to send live tweets to their friends on Twitter right from the game, as well as upload videos of their races to YouTube. Think you got skills? Download the free app and start playing for a chance to win one of six limited-edition 2010 GTI models that will be awarded to high scoring players over the next 6 weeks.

Or you could go the non virtual route and head down to the dealership to experience one of these new GTIs in the flesh.

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  • Really, am I the first guy to comment on the babe
    in the photo.

    I wonder what she looks like……driving that GTI.