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1939 Indian Chief – Washington Blvd., LA

October 21st, 2009 by Nick


So this is what they looked like when they actually rolled out of Springfield. This ’39 Injin is pure class, through and through. And no, that’s not some old rich guy riding it because his mechanic told him to get it out of the garage once a year, that’s a 24 year-old with perhaps more style than horsepower, whose other car is… well… this. But hey, this thing is purely for thundering around town looking for trouble and not dragging off greens with the rest of the Ruff Riders.

The owner traded it, straight-up, for a pre-war roadster and hasn’t looked back yet. Check the custom shift-knob and hidden leather pouch behind the plate. 2 of about 40 personal touches the owner tweaked within 24 hours of ownership. It was like the water-in-the-cup scene in Jurassic Park when this guy came down the street toward the shop. You know the engine is tuned just right when everyone has to grab their cups of joe to keep them from spilling as he pulled up onto the sidewalk to park. “Oh, is this spot taken?

Nick Maggio



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  • super kool ride!! excellent article about the 39 injun & the upcoming Springfield, MA museum. terrific post, thnx much!!

  • Very nice ride. I also own a 1939 Indian Chief done up exactly like my first 1939 Indian Chief in 1965! Just won best in show yesterday here in Tacoma auto/motorcycle show. I ride it and my 1946 Indian Chief regularly, often on extended trips. If you’re ever up to the Tacoma Seattle area let me know and we can go riding.

  • Just looked at your photos again! It appears that you are in fact riding a Indian Scout and not a Chief! 1939 Chief’s had leaf spring suspensions and different engine/primary case. What are the engine and frame serial numbers? No big deal: if you’re riding an Indian you’re OK!

  • had one just like it in 1956,sold it for 150.00 wasn’t I stupid