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1965 Ford Mustang GT Convertible – West Broadway, NYC

October 20th, 2009 by Ian


The owner of this cherry red ‘Stang couldn’t have chosen a better parking space considering the high end neighborhood and for sale sign in the windshield. In fact, this perennial pony car is so perfect in every way that it seems entirely plausible the restoration shop unloaded it directly from the flatbed in front of Cipriani’s posh West Broadway location upon completion. We are not sure if there were any takers but the restaurant’s deep pocketed clientele cast more than a few stares at the gussied up American icon as they enjoyed one of the precious few days left for outdoor dining.



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  • Very pretty…always loved the trumpet exhausts.
    A real beauty.
    Hey, is that a For Sale sign in the front window…
    or maybe (keep your f___kin’ hands off)

  • […] Not our first high profile sighting in front of Cipriani’s posh West Broadway location, and likely not our last. I am told this black/black Ferrari F12 Berlinetta belongs to one Mickey Drexler, current chairman and CEO of J.Crew Group and formerly the CEO of Gap Inc. He has also been a director at Apple Inc. since 1999. Needless to say, Mr Drexler has fine taste in cloths, electronics and, evidenced by this midnight black prancing horse from Maranello, exotic automobiles. The sinister F12 produces a staggering 730HP, pushing the equisitely designed vehicle to 60MPH in a scant 3.1 seconds and to a top speed of 210 MPH. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky to have been able to snap a couple of pics of this beast actually standing still. […]