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1982 Alfa Romeo GTV-6 Balocco – Morton Street, NYC

October 13th, 2009 by Ian


We found this sporty red Alfa parked on Morton Street in the West Village. This was our first GTV-6 sighting since launching ManOnTheMove and the 1982 model pictured here is a particularly rare one thanks to its Balocco designation. Named after Alfa’s Balocco test track in Italy, the special edition of the Giugiaro-designed coupe, itself based on the handsome Alfetta sedan, was only available in red with a sunroof, black interior, leather wrapped steering wheel and red piping on the seats. What is it with Italians and painting cars red? There were also two green Quadrifoglio alfa badges, which appear to missing from this one, fixed on the rear quarter trim pieces above the “Balocco SE” badge. A serial numbered plaque inside the glovebox tells owners which of the 350 produced they possess. Sports Car Market scribe Rob Sass referred to special edition GTV-6s like Balocco and Maratona as “a ploy to sell slow-moving product”, alluding to their lack of differentiation next to the base GTV-6. Let’s just say that Alfa is not the only automaker guilty of such a crime.

We wait patiently for Alfa to make their US return, which was pushed back (again) to 2011 thanks to global economic woes.Alfa2Alfa3Alfa4


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  • These are pretty rare. Most around are the Spiders.
    Nice car. Good catch.

  • Italian cars are soo sexy. Terific post. Very informative. Love the included links. thnx much….

  • Are you an Alfista? I own #13 and # 197. Any idea on who owns this car?


  • I own # 211.

    These are truly amazing 1980’s works of automotive art. (given that was the height of Chrysler K-Car and Libby Dole thought the 85mph speedometer was effective) To own an Alfa Romeo is to ignore all rational thought that transportation is just between two points. Ownership is to be possessed by the desire to follow your heart and enjoy something more pleasurable than words can explain. – For example the exhaust note from these v6 motors is on-par with the sound of ripping silk. Pure automotive sex.