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VW Beetle – Desbrosses Street, NYC

October 1st, 2009 by Ian


Punch buggy red – no punch backs! Ok now that’s out of the way we can proceed. This Type 1 Beetle snapped in the West Village is not nearly as old as it seems. Well the technology is downright geriatric but this baby was actually assembled with “new” parts in VW’s Puebla, Mexico plant in 2001. While the rest of the world had long since hung the Beetle jersey from the rafters, the Mexican market (particularly cab drivers) kept the icon alive until 2003 when the last ever new Beetle (# 21,529,464) rolled of the assembly line. The owner of this example says it runs like a peach and is asking $10,000. Heck, it even comes with surf racks. This is your chance to own a classic that drives like new.



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