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Campagna T-Rex – La Brea and Melrose, Hollywood

September 30th, 2009 by Stu


One of our loyal left coast readers caught this demonic T-Rex carving up the Hollywood hills on Tuesday. Needless to say, Audrina and Kristen are not the only ones that can make a scene in downtown LA.  3-wheeled motorcycle sightings are few and far between but running into one of these exotic Canadian-built trikes is cause for celebration. We’re not sure about how many are on the road but they have been on sale for about 15 years and this writer can count how many he has seen on one hand. What makes the $50,000 T-Rex so unique next to other 3-wheeled creations is its 2-person seating arrangement, car-like safety features, advanced independent suspension set-up, 197 HP Kawasaki-sourced engine and 1,040 pound curb weight (dry). A power to weight ratio like that is good enough to propel the 138″ T-Rex to 60 MPH in less than 4 seconds. Top speed is 144 MPH if your face has not ripped off from all the lateral g-forces by then.

Thanks for the tip Matty!



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