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LimeRock Park Vintage Festival – Lakeville, CT

September 14th, 2009 by Stu

1939 mercedes benz silver arrow

The Connecticut back roads leading us to LimeRock Park were twisty and drenched with sunshine. Mesmerized by the sublime landscape, we nearly overlooked our fast approaching destination ahead. That is until the sound of speed filled the air in a sudden burst of excitement. Serenity and chirping birds made way for screaming engines and heavenly exhaust notes as we headed past the entrance and over the WWII Bailey Bridge that provides access to the infield. Driving above vintage race cars as they rocketed past at triple digit speeds provided a sensation similar to a rollercoaster drop. It was wild. Things only got more interesting once we caught a glimpse of the amazing cars populating the parking lot. There were even different sections for each make – our favorite was the Lotus Corral.

Racers took a lunch break after the qualifying rounds while spectators enjoyed the best half time show since Janet’s boob fell out during SuperBowl XXXVIII. The main attraction was a 500 HP 1939 Mercedes Benz W 154 Silver Arrow (pictured above), on loan from the Collier Collection, that had not been on a track since Manfred von Brauchitsch finished second and set a record fastest race-lap in the Yugoslavian Grand Prix on September 3rd, 1939. Mercedes was celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Silver Arrow, the nickname given to Mercedes and Auto Union Grand Prix cars from ‘34 –39, and figured race fans would dig a few hot laps.

Check out the slideshows below…

On The Track

Off the track


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