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'57 Chevy – Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn

August 28th, 2009 by Austin


Pop your head into one of those cramped little stores on Canal Street and you will find ‘57 Chevy toys sitting alongside a mini Statue of Liberty, a 30 rock snow globe, the I Love NY T-shirts and a poster of Marilyn Monroe’s skirt blowing up. The iconic automotive shape goes together with American culture like peas and carrots. But the infamous shoebox design introduced in 55 and then again revised for 57 was wrapped around several firsts for Chevrolet at the time. Namely, it was the first year Chevy offered customers fuel injection and the Turboglide transmission.

How does the line go about how they used to make ‘em? Based on the pictures of this stunning American classic, you can probably figure it out.  




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  • This was my first …and you never forget your first.
    I can still remember the smell of all that vinyl and those two jets
    coming off the hood. A turq and white with the hidden gas cap.
    Bel Air…it even sounds sweet.

  • I used to live two blocks from Cadman Plaza on Pinapple street. Ate pizza at Fascati’s many times, right across the street. Had a 56 Chevy when I lived there back in 1973. Can’t imagine a 57 lasting long in that neighborhood! At least not when I lived there.