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Mercury Cougar – Columbia Heights, Brooklyn

August 25th, 2009 by Austin

Mercury Cougar

More refined and upscale than its Dearborn platform-mate, these ‘67-’68 gen 1 Cougars were positioned as Mustangs that had gone off to European finishing school. Aside from the fact that the two cars shared no exterior body panels, Cougar customers also got more luxurious appointments and standard V8 power. We were stopped dead in our tracks by the gaping full-width grille that is often likened to that of an electric shaver.

Mercury’s Cougar was all downhill from here but we are still waiting for Ford to adopt a similar product strategy with Lincoln by somehow utilizing Mustang’s RWD platform for a luxurious GT car akin to a Cadillac’s XLR. The luscious 2007 MKR concept, minus two doors, is an indication of how a project like this could turn out if given the green light.

Mercury Cougar

Mercury Cougar

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